Device Repair

Repair Warranty

With every screen replacement comes a thirty day warranty for any manufacturer defects [does not include liquid or physical defects]

Mobile Repair

Any repair within the city limits of our store qualifies for mobile repair servicing where a Tech-Rep can meet you at your home or office.

iPhones to Androids, we fix it!

Our repair services for fixing devices include..

-LCD/Cracked screens


-Cameras and camera lenses

-Internal speakers

And so much more.

What are your prices?

Our prices vary on the device and type of work needed. It is a general understanding that iPhones are less expensive to replace parts than any other phone. It is also customary that we do not charge unless a repair is made.

How can I schedule a mobile repair?

Some repairs can qualify for a Mobile-Mechanic to be sent to a coffee shop, home, or office to conduct said repair. If the location is within walking distance the service is free, if the mechanic needs to use a automobile a $5 fair is added to the bill.

Brands we work on

What If you have Tech-Care for your device?

Tech-Care Customers can enjoy; 

-24/7 Tech Support for any of your Tech-Related questions

-50% Off all repairs*

-20% Off all merchandise*

-Free data backup*

-Free fair for mobile repair services*

*subject to terms agreement*

Tech-Nichols' Tech-Care is a subscription based insurance plan that covers most repairs on your mobile device and offers our services same day unlike top competitors [ATNT & Verizon] who can take up to 48 hours to get a representative to assist you.

Is Tech-Care worth the price?

If you want to take advantage of perks like UNLIMITED screen protectors, first screen replacement PAID covered per year, or local one-on-one support -Tech-care is for you!

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